Behavioral Integration Guidance

The Behavioral Integration Guidance is designed to help you align your health programming using behavioral outcomes to maximize investments and accelerate impact. The guidance has four components: set priorities by selecting Accelerator Behaviors and outcome targets, create behavior profiles that establish key pathways for change, apply the behavior profiles for strategic planning, design and management of health programs, and track behavioral outcomes to monitor progress and inform program adjustments.



Select Accelerator Behaviors and Outcome Targets
Which behaviors will accelerate progress toward this health goal?

Set Priorities Tool
Accelerator Behaviors and Indicators List (PDF)


Create Behavior Profiles

Analyze each of the selected Accelerator Behaviors
What do we need to understand about each Accelerator Behavior?

Create Behavior Profiles Tool

Outline Program Strategy
How might we focus our efforts based on this analysis?

Venn diagram of Demand and Use, Systems, Products and Services, and Enabling Environment
Strategies List (PDF)

Apply Behavior Profiles

How do we apply the behavior profiles for strategic planning, design and management of health programs?

Apply Behavior Profiles Tools



How do we monitor progress and inform program adjustments?

Track Behavioral Outcomes Tools

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