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Behavior change requires focus on critical factors. It can be changed and can change relatively quickly, if strategies are clearly linked to these critical factors. This Ideas Library is full of examples of work that has successfully changed one or more factors leading to behavior change. Search by factor to explore these pathways and use them as ideas for what can be done to address the same critical factor in your context.

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The primary actor's opportunity to obtain needed products and services, including the availability of those products or services where they should be, and the means and time and financial resources to get to them where and when they are needed

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provider speaking with pregnant woman

Service Provider Competencies

The primary actor's perception of the capabilities of a provider’s technical, clinical and interpersonal skills, including respectful care

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women in hospital

Service Experience

A primary actor's impression of his or her experience at a health facility or service post, including waiting times, infrastructure, and cleanliness

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mother and child

Family and Community Support

The active or passive actions or attitudes of the primary actor's family members, peers or community members towards a behavior

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Two mothers waiting for care


The active or passive influence of gender dynamics or relationships (within or outside the home) on the practice of the primary actor’s behavior

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Men at a mosque


The standards of behavior as established by religious, cultural, or other social groups to which the primary actor belongs

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smiling child

Attitudes and Beliefs

The primary actor's judgement, feeling, or emotion towards a behavior, including the perceived benefit or consequence of practicing or not practicing the behavior

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mother and child


The primary actor's sense of confidence in his/her ability to successfully practice a behavior

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two women reading


The primary actor's possession and understanding of the information required to practice all steps of a behavior completely and competently

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Two women looking at a mobile phone


The primary actor's ability to completely and competently perform a set of tasks

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