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Behavior Integration Guidance

Align your programming using behavioral outcomes to maximize investments and accelerate impact

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Image of process - FOCUS and ANALYZE; DESIGN and MANAGE; TRACK and ADAPT

Tools to help focus on identifying and analyzing key behaviors that impact the goal and on delineating the pathways to change

Screenshot of tools
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behaviors that address the causes inhibiting achievement of the desired goal
Launch Prioritize Tool     View Tutorial
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priority behaviors to lay out the logical pathways to change and establish behavioral indicators
Launch Behavior Profile Tool   |   View Tutorial
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analyses of multiple behaviors to identify commonalities for strategy development or program design 
Launch Summarize Tool  |  View Tutorial
Behavior Profile Tool

Resources to help guide use of Think | BIG for strategy development, program design, and activity design and management

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a behaviorally-focused Results Framework to guide your strategy
Go to Strategy Guidance Documents

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a behaviorally-focused program, activity, or mechanism
Go to Procurement Design Documents

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the program, activity, or mechanism
Go to Manage Documents

Tools to track progress on behavioral outcomes and to assess and adapt programs over time

NOTE: To use the online tools below, you must have already created a Priority Behavior List that includes indicators

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your targets based on indicators established for priority behaviors
Launch Set Targets Tool
Set Targets (Offline Tool)

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your behavioral outcomes
View Behavioral Outcomes Dashboard  |     View Explanation

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your program over time
Go to Adaptive Management Documents
Adaptive Management

Mission teams are already Thinking BIG

flag of DRC USAID/Democratic Republic of the Congo is using priority maternal and child health behaviors to guide the identification of strategies to contribute to mortality reduction goals and the design of integrated health programs.
flag of KenyaUSAID/Kenya's Health, Population and Nutrition Office is developing Behavior Profiles as a way to ensure current and future activities are coordinated around common factors and outcomes, and adhere to logical pathways.
flag fo Ghana USAID/West Africa Regional Health Office is identifying and analyzing priority behaviors to pull its regional work together into a cohesive and aligned regional health portfolio.
flag of Senegal USAID/Senegal reviewed past projects for quality of behavior integration and their present, integrated health project for priority maternal and child health behavior incorporation.
flag fo Ghana USAID/Ghana Heath, Population and Nutrition Office applied a behavioral lens to contextual and behavioral analyses and co-creation for the development of a new health sub-strategy that will contribute to the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS).
flag fo Ghana USAID/Ghana is applying a behavioral lens across the full Mission to develop a behaviorally-focused CDCS where results equal behaviors.

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