Guidance and Sample Behavior Profiles

Using Nutrition Global Behavior Profiles

The Global Nutrition Behavior Profiles analyze nutrition-specific behaviors deemed most proximal to reaching the goal of reducing malnutrition in young children, with a focus on stunting and wasting. Reviews done by the Lancet, Cochrane Reviews, and other meta-analyses substantiate the importance of these behaviors in reducing malnutrition.

Each behavior has been written as something the primary actor, in all cases the caregiver or the woman (pregnant, lactating) will do. The steps represent all of the actions this primary actor must take to practice the optimal behavior and are generally, but not always, sequential.

Other points to note about these Global Nutrition Behavior Profiles are:

  1. Each has been developed from a review of literature  published within the past 10 years. The reviews also included research done in prior years and grey literature, particularly when it offered reasons for practices often not illuminated in quantitative studies or program documents.
  2. Behaviors such as breastfeeding and complementary feeding have been divided into their component behaviors as a way to facilitate programs focusing on the most important component behavior for their context. While every context is different and prioritizing the behaviors is a local decision, some component behaviors should be considered in combination. For example, consider Feeding During Illness and Recuperative Feeding together to achieve the desired nutritional outcome. The offline Prioritize tool can assist with determining which nutrition behaviors to prioritize.
  3. These Behavior Profiles include all factors and actors identified in the literature review. This is intended to prompt thinking and, potentially, inquiries into locally undocumented reasons for sub-optimal practice of the behavior. When adapting these Behavior Profiles to the country context, select up to eight critical factors and only the actors relevant to the local situation.
  4. Some of the actions required to facilitate change are not nutrition-specific. These profiles are meant to stimulate this broader thinking.

Profiles for three nutrition-sensitive behaviors tied closely to reducing child death and child malnutrition are also included here: Antenatal Care, to be considered if prioritizing maternal nutrition; Full Course of Immunizations; and Treatment for Diarrhea, for consideration if the priority is nutritional care during illness.

How to Use the Global Nutrition Behavior Profiles (PDF coming soon) provides more detailed guidance.

To build your own Behavior Profiles, select the online or offline tool under Analyze.

Sample Behavior Profiles

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