Behavior Profile: Malaria Provider Actions: Test
1. Reduce malaria mortality by one-third from 2015 levels in PMI-supported countries, achieving a greater than 80 percent reduction from PMI’s original 2000 baseline levels. 2. Reduce malaria morbidity in PMI-supported countries by 40 percent from 2015 levels.
Providers test clients promptly and accurately
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Behavior Analysis



What steps are needed to practice this behavior?

Providers test clients promptly and accurately

  1. As per national case management guidelines:
  2. Refer patients with danger signs of severe disease to inpatient facility
  3. Gather necessary materials in the testing area
  4. Check expiration date on package and ensure materials are not damaged
  5. Explain the purpose of the test to the caregiver and patient
  6. Administer the test


What factors may prevent or support practice of this behavior?
Accessibility: Providers cannot administer rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) because they often lack the required supplies.
Service Experience: Providers cannot properly assess clients for fevers or administer RDTs because they have a high client load and limited time with each client.
Family and Community Support: Providers do not properly administer RDTs because they lack adequate or regular supportive supervision, mentoring, and peer support.
Family and Community Support: [Peer Support] Providers do not test per national case management guidelines due to competition with and lack of support from peers.
Attitudes and Beliefs: Providers do not administer RDTs because they mistrust or question their efficacy.
Attitudes and Beliefs: Providers do not administer RDTs because they feel that they can diagnose malaria clinically.
Knowledge: Providers do not administer RDTs because they do not understand testing protocols.
Skills: Providers are sometimes unable to administer RDTs appropriately because they lack the appropriate training and skills.


Who must support the practice of this behavior, and what actions must they take?


What strategies will best focus our efforts based on this analysis?

Strategy requires Communication Support

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