Behavior Profile: Malaria Provider Actions: Track
1. Reduce malaria mortality by one-third from 2015 levels in PMI-supported countries, achieving a greater than 80 percent reduction from PMI’s original 2000 baseline levels. 2. Reduce malaria morbidity in PMI-supported countries by 40 percent from 2015 levels.
Providers record results of consultation into relevant register
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Behavior Analysis



What steps are needed to practice this behavior?

Providers record results of consultation into relevant register

  1. As per national case management guidelines:
  2. Maintain register with appropriate information
  3. Record positive or negative test result
  4. Record treatment prescribed for positive test results
  5. Submit data


What factors may prevent or support practice of this behavior?
Accessibility: Providers cannot submit data properly because registers are unavailable, there are issues with mobile network connectivity, or issues submitting paper reporting forms.
Accessibility: Providers do not enter results into the registers because the registers are inconsistent from facility to facility.
Service Experience: Providers do not enter results into registers because they prioritize examining clients over note taking and reporting.
Family and Community Support: Providers do not submit data because they lack adequate or regular supportive supervision, mentoring, and peer support.
Attitudes and Beliefs: Providers do not report accurate information because they feel pressured to report high uptake figures and to present their work positively.
Knowledge: Providers do not record appropriate information because they have not been trained in how to record data consistently.
Knowledge: Providers and their support staff do not maintain registers with appropriate information because they are not property trained.
Knowledge: Providers do not properly record results in registers because the guidelines and protocols are unclear.


Who must support the practice of this behavior, and what actions must they take?


What strategies will best focus our efforts based on this analysis?

Strategy requires Communication Support

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