Set Priorities 

Use data to prioritize and enter targets for 5-8  Accelerator BehaviorsA behavior that is practiced by a primary actor, such as a caregiver or mother that: 1) directly or indirectly reduces the risk of maternal and child death due to a preventable cause and 2) has low uptake in a particular context. that will contribute most to your health goal.  This component includes a tool to assist you in setting your priorities.  

Before you start

Gather together members of your health team and be ready to consider current causes of death, the behaviors associated with those causes and any other contextual concerns, such as funding. This component provides most of the data you will need for your country.   PRIORITIZE

This tool will take you through the following parts of the Set Priorites component:
  1. Link to Development Objective
  2. Define Health Goal
  3. Select Priority Accelerator Behaviors
  4. Enter Targets

Create Behavior Profiles 

For each selected Accelerator Behavior, create a profile that analyzes the behavior to identify logical pathways that lead to program strategies. This component contains a tool to assist you in developing your Behavior Profiles.

Before you start

Before you begin to use the Behavior Profile Tool, gather research about the factors preventing or supporting your priority behaviors.

Use the Behavior Profile Research Template (Word Document) to guide your research. You can also view a completed Behavior Profile ResearchTemplate (PDF) to serve as an example.  LAUNCH TOOL

This tool will take you through the following parts of the Create Behavior Profiles component:
  1. Review Accelerator Behavior and corresponding steps
  2. Analyze Factors
  3. Select Factors
  4. Refine Factors
  5. Identify Supporting Actors and Strategies
  6. Check Pathways
  7. Finalize 

Apply Behavior Profiles

Use your Behavior Profiles for strategic planning, project and activity design and management, and monitoring and evaluation. This component provides checklists, samples, and sample language to assist you in applying your Behavior Profiles. USAID Login required


Track Behavioral Outcomes 

Track progress toward achieving your health goal using the Think | BIG interactive dashboard. This component will include a tool to assist you in building your tracking dashboard – coming soon! View a sample dashboard today. USAID Login required

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